Kids and Teens are The Church of Today. Amidst the Controversial World we live in there is a church that cares for Today's Youth. Our staff have been verified and background checks on anyone working with our church. We Believe that the safety of our Children as well as yours is one of utmost importance. 

What is their for the Kids? 

1. We love them. regardless of race or religious Background. 

2. We preach to Them. 

3. We take them to youth meetings. 

4. We have events throughout the year for them all paid for by the church. 

5. We Worship Together. Come as You are. But Leave different than you came. 

6. We Spend time with them, But We do not allow children to be alone with adults. We Believe in being Accountable and Would never Allow children to Be alone with anyone. So many of children have been Hurt not only In Schools but in Churches. Your Child's SAFETY Is top of the List. 

Our facilities are Monitored 24hrs a day with surveillance recording. If you Have any questions feel Free to contact us.