Fellowship Baptist Church was Started in 2002 and organized and established in Early By JK Keley.after the death of the pastor in 2009 the church went for2 years without a pastor. Bro Chris Harrison preached faithfully as Interim pastor until the church Found the Will of God.  The church was started in the Conference Room of the Holiday inn in Greenwood and in 2003 Began to rent an old gas station at 1430 Emerald rd. In August of 2011 Pastor Jonathan Dean Shook Came to the church and preached and was Voted on in November 2011 100%. At the time the church was down to about 8 attending members. But God began to Grow the church. He gave us Buses and Vans and families. after 13 years of praying and applying for loans and seeking God The Lord Led our Church to Purchase the Old Dixie Bearings warehouse at 2061 hwy 72 in Greenwood. On Monday October 21, 2016 Our Pastor and Several men Signed the Papers and We purchased this Building. a warehouse soon to be Gods House. Our pastor and The Men and ladies and even children of the church came together and worked 6 days a week for 2 months. Our pastor designed and laid out the Plans and on January 1st 2017 We Had our First service in the New Building. We Are Not Done and Neither is God. we are in the process of starting the next phases.    Below are some photos to Show you where we came from to Where we are.

The Storefront Where it all started. 

Our First fellowship Hall 

Last Day in the old building 

Below are pictures of the Journey From the Storefront to the Storehouse