In 2011 God sent us Our Pastor and His Family to Fellowship Baptist Church. Since their Coming God has truly Blessed our church and allowed our church to Grow. It's Not the man that We Glory in But We give Honor to God that he called and Sent the Man he Had for our church. Their are Many Preachers but Few Pastors that Care for People. Through God's Grace and Help From the Humble beginnings of a Store front Building We have watched as God through Leading our Pastor is Carrying us forward into the future to Continue to Worship the Old time Way.

Our Pastor came up under Many great men of God Such as Dr Sammy Allen, Dr Stinnett Ballew, Dr Ed Ballew, Dr James Crumpton,Evangelist Fain Jordan, Larry Winkler, Eddie Davis, Lavon Boatner, Percy Ray. But  Dr Ea Cooper. Dr Craig Hughes Dr Jack Shook and  Dr Rudy Smith have been the men God used to shape our pastor into the Man God has Called Him to Be. 

Come and experience Expositional Holy Ghost Preaching every week. 

Pastor: Jonathan Dean Shook